"I'm proud to be involved in the consciousness of New Zealand acknowledging the beauty of where we're from. That's how I see my art - part of that weave.”



Daniel Tippett was born in New Zealand in1973 and raised in the artistic communities of Colville Coromandel and Grey Lynn Auckland where he resides today.

Growing up around working artists and craftspeople, Dan decided at a young age that art would also be his career. His father, the late Warren Tippett, was a seminal figure in New Zealand ceramics and was instrumental in demonstrating the discipline required of a fine artist. Dan adopted this work ethic in his foundation as an oil painter 30 years ago.

Although Dan's work is informed by the natural environment, his life-long love of Hip Hop also saw his talents embraced by Aotearoa's own urban culture. In the city he gravitated towards spray cans; painting birds and trees. This was unheard of 25 years ago when it was primarily writing tagged-up pieces. In essence he helped pioneer a new movement; creating indigenous New Zealand hip-hop graffiti inspired by experience.

The merging of Dan’s upbringing and art mediums informs his unique style which has earned him the solid reputation of being one of New Zealand’s most distinguished and versatile visual artists.


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